Our History
Our history can be traced back to 1997 wsith the incorporation of Yantai Ouhua Winery Co. Ltd (“YO Winery”) which was principally involved in the production and sales of wines. YO Winery had subsequently ceased operation in 2002. Thereafter, Ouhua PRC was established as a sino-foreign joint venture enterprise following the joint venture arrangement entered into between YO Winery and The Group of Hualian Commercial Building (Spain) S.L. (“Hualian”) in 2002 to carry out business of production and distribution of wines. Since then, the business of Ouhua PRC grew rapidly over the years to become a reputable wine producer and distributor in the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”).

Mr. Wang Chao is the founder, Executive Chairman and CEO of our Group. Since commencement of the wine making operations of YO Winery in 1997, Mr. Wang Chao has been instrumental in the growth and development of our Group and has played a pivotal role in steering the success of our Group in the wine industry in PRC. With more than 12 years of business experience in the wine industry coupled with his experience in the finance industry prior to his entry into the wine industry, Mr. Wang Chao has successfully led our Group to become a well-recognised name in the wine industry in the PRC. Furthermore, our Group's success is also attributed to Mr Wang’s ability to conceptualise and implement various business organisation plans and marketing strategies.

Our major business milestones and achievements are as follows:

Fazenda Ohua Wine
Year Milestones and Achievements
1997 Founded YO Winery, principal business activities being wine production and sales
1999 Acquired a bottling production line from KRONES Co. of Germany with a capacity of filling 4,000 bottles an hour, thus achieving a production capacity of 4,000 tonnes
2002 Ouhua PRC was established as a sino-foreign joint venture company between YO Winery and Hualian
2002 Obtained customs registration certificate for import and export of commodities which gives Ouhua PRC the right to import and export directly
2003 Imported an automatic bottling production line from FIMER Co. of Italy with a bottling capacity of 8,000 bottles per hour, and also a scraper fast-freezing machine, diatomite filter machine, plate and frame filter machine and other similar equipment
2003 Obtained National Industrial Products Manufacturer Certificate which allows production of grape wines and other fruit wines
2003 Increased production capacity of up to 7,000 tonnes by increasing the number of stainless steel tanks and also the number of barrels to 1,200 US oak produced barrels
2005 Obtained the PRC Protection of Geographical Indication Products status (meaning considered a protected China product)
2006 Built our own vineyards through the lease of 5,500 Mu (equivalent to approximately 3.67 million Sq m) of land in Yantai-Penglai City, and cultivating approximately 4,992 Mu (equivalent to approximately 3.33 million Sq m) of vineyards, ensuring high quality grape source for the Company’s wine production
2006 Awarded the title of Abiding by Contracts and Keeping Promises Enterprise by the Shandong Creditable Enterprise Association and Shandong Industry and Commerce Administration Department
2006 Awarded the title of Abiding by Contracts and Keeping Promises Enterprise by the Yantai City Creditable Enterprise Association and the Yantai City Industry and Commerce Administration Department
2008 Won 2nd prize in the National Wine Sampling and Quality Assessment Activities
2008 Undertook a comprehensive review of our products where our products were repackaged and more than 120 varieties of new products were introduced. The new product packaging concept which aimed to place our products in line with international standards, in turn enhanced our products' appeal and allowed us to increase our market competitiveness
2008 The National Wine Quality Supervision and Inspection Center granted Ouhua PRC the Certificate of Compliance with the National Wine Production Standard GB15037-2006
2008 Embarked on plans to establish Fazenda Ohua specialty stores via distributors throughout the PRC. Our Fujian provincial distributor subsequently set up five (5) Fazenda Ohua specialty stores in the Fujian Province as a pilot project
2008 Obtained the Yantai City Food Industry Recommended Product award
2008 Obtained Shandong Province Consumer Satisfaction Unit award
2009 Initiated a nationwide expansion plan to expand our distribution network through the Fazenda Ohua specialty stores operated and owned by the distributors in the major provinces of PRC. By the end of 2009, the distributors had successfully established approximately 53 Fazenda Ohua specialty stores, in 12 different provinces and cities
2009 Obtained Yantai City Consumer Satisfaction Unit award
2009 Obtained Yantai City Food Industry Excellent Quality Brand award
2010 Obtained Shandong Province Consumer Satisfaction Unit award